Tricia Flockhart


I believe there should be a strong focus on dog owners understanding why their dog is behaving in a particular manner. With my knowledge, skill and experience, I promise to give you the necessary tools and education to successfully deal with your dog’s problems. You can rest assured, there will be a solution to the challenges you may be facing with your dog and together we can find it.

I am based in central Scotland and I am happy to cover most areas in this region.

Want to find out more? Just contact me and we can discuss the best way to a happier relationship between you and your dog.

Mobile: 07474 353151

Facebook: Tricia Flockhart

WhatsApp: 07474 353151


My Services

One to One

By far the best way to overcome even the most difficult behaviour problems. One-to-one sessions can be held at your own home or in a public setting.

Group Training

Sessions with up to eight dogs are used for more general training.

Sessions are held both indoores and outdoors, dependant on weather and the seasons.

Puppy Classes

Held both indoors and outdoors, in a safe secure environment, with up to eight dogs (and owners).

A great way to give your new pet the best start in life.