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Premium Gluten Free & Grain Free Dog Food

Citydog - The only UK supplier of Arion Premium Dog Food

Who Are We? - Citydog is a private company based in central Scotland. We are the only UK based supplier of ARION dog food. We have been importing Arion since 2016 and are striving to bring it's benefits to as many dogs as possible.

We don't sell any other make of dog food because we strongly believe Arion is the only one worth selling. We are proud to be able bring this fantastic product to our customers.

Proper Nutrition - Most dog food brands' claim to be complete diets, but the manufacturers are failing to tell the whole truth. In nutrition, quality of ingredients makes all the difference. Arion understands this. For example, many manufacturers use poor quality protein sources, so although the food's ingredients contain a stated amount of protein, this amount is not wholey available to the dog. By avoiding the cheap proteins such as beef, pork and soya, Arion dog food provides a truly complete diet for your dog.

​Thriving or Surviving? - Dogs, like humans, can survive on fairly poor quality food. But to thrive and reach their full potential, they need quality nutrition. This is the difference that ARION makes. All raw ingredients are checked for nutritional and microbiological quality upon arriving at the factory, and each completed batch of final product is tested again for nutritional quality. This guarantees that every bag of Arion dog food is perfect for your dog.

Who are ARION? - The ARION dog food range is easily the best on the market. Their parent company have been producing animal feeds for decades and they use the expertised they have gained to produce the best dog food. Each type of food is developed by technical teams, in collaboration with the ARION Research Centre. Prior to placing a new product on the market, it is tested extensively in their own lab and by independant centres.

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