Lifespan - Let Your Dog Thrive

Dogs can survive on poor nutriton, but we want your dog to 'Thrive'. That is why we bring you Lifespan dog food. A range designed to allow your special friend to reach his or her full potential. No more lack of vitality, poor coat, unpleasant odours or itchy skin.

The Lifespan range includes our Naturals and Grain Free recipes.

  • The Lifespan Naturals range is entirely gluten free and offers 6 cost-effective, hypollargenic options for puppies, adult and senior dogs.

  • The extensive Lifepsan Grain Free range has over 20 different recipe options to meet the needs of all sizes and ages of dogs, and satisfy the tast buds of the most discerning pets. All the Grain Free options have high meat content with a high percentage of freshly prepared, slow-cooked ingredients.

Proper Nutrition - Most dog food brands' claim to be complete diets, but the manufacturers are failing to tell the whole truth. In nutrition, quality of ingredients makes all the difference. For example, many manufacturers use poor quality protein sources, so although the food's ingredients contain a stated amount of protein, this amount is not wholey available to the dog. By avoiding the cheap proteins sources the Lifespan range provides a truly complete diet for your dog.

​Thriving or Surviving? - Dogs, like humans, can survive on fairly poor quality food. But to thrive and reach their full potential, they need quality nutrition. This is the difference that Lifespan makes. All raw ingredients are checked for nutritional and microbiological quality upon arriving at the factory, and each completed batch of final product is tested again for nutritional quality. This guarantees that every bag of Lifespan is perfect for your dog.

Balanced Recipes - Each recipe in the Lifesapn range is developed by technical teams, in collaboration with the best nutritionists to provide the perfect product. Prior to placing a new recipe on the market, it is tested extensively.

Who Are We? - Citydog is a private company based in central Scotland. As dog owners, we want only the best for our dogs and would never sell anything but the best to our customers. That is why we bring you Lifespan dog food and only Lifespan dog food.