ARION Health&Care Digestive Sensibility contains balanced amounts and proportions of different fibres (such as the husk of the Psyllium seed) to regularise intestinal transit. Intestinal health is stimulated by adding manno-oligo-saccharaides, bentonite and b-glucans. These reduce the risk of pathogens and other harmful substances adhering to the intestinal wall and strengthen natural resistance. This substance is mainly found in beet pulp cells. The addition of FOS (found in refined fibres) enhances the protection of the intestinal wall by producing good bacteria. Our antioxidant mix protects against free radicals and a selection of pre- and probiotics ensures healthy intestinal flora, to reduce digestive sensitivity. All the ingredients are highly digestible to minimise the intestinal burden.

Arion Health&Care Digestive Sensibility 3kg x4

SKU: DS3x4

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