Arion Original Gluten Free

Arion Original is 100% gluten-free and contains no sources of corn or wheat. Arion Original thus helps to reduce the incidence of food sensitivity in dogs.

All Arion Original products have a high concentration of carefully selected meat. Feed compositions which have many different vegetable or animal raw materials are often disguising attempts to make the product less expensive to produce. Ingredients such as beef, pork, wheat, barley, rye and soya are examples of raw materials used to cheapen the feed mixture. Arion Original products are tastier, optimally digestible and have excellent nutritional value.

Citydog Pet Supplies currently stock two types of Arion Original Gluten Free, but we will be adding more to the range in the near future:

Lamb & Rice

Lamb & Rice - Medium Kibble

A gluten-free, complete, dry food for fully-grown medium breed dogs with sensitive digestion. The special formula may prevent food intolerances and contribute to improved intestinal flora, in order to improve the quality of your dog’s life significantly.

  • Prebiotic effect

Contains the natural, fermentable fibers FOS and MOS to create a balanced intestinal flora and optimal digestion.

  • Vitality

Rich in tasty, high quality animal protein and a balanced amount of vitamins and trace elements to support organ functions and optimal digestion throughout your dogs life.

  • Choice Ingredients

Carefully selected, gluten-free ingredients and high-quality animal protein, enriched with fibers to achieve optimal digestion and perfect stool consistency.

  • Shiny Coat

Rich in animal protein and animal fat to ensure adequate amino acids and Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that provide healthy coat.

* Arion Original Lamb & Rice is a medium sized kibble and can be enjoyed bay all sizes of dog. *

Additional information is available on the Arion website: ARION

Chicken & Rice

Chicken & Rice - Large Kibble

The formula is specially tailored to your dog’s nutritional needs and supports joint flexibility, in order to improve your dog’s quality of life significantly.

  • Increased activity

Specialized recipe to ensure healthy development of muscles, bones and joints to give your dog great physical well-being.

  • Joint Care

Contains glucosamine and chondroitin to build and strengthen joints and ensure flexible joints of large dog breeds.

  • Prebiotic Effect

Contains the natural, fermentable fibres FOS and MOS to create a balanced intestinal flora and optimal digestion.

* Arion Original Chicken & Rice is a large sized kibble and can be enjoyed by medium to large dogs. *

Additional information is available on the Arion website: ARION